Roman tours are now offering virtual sessions as a Covid secure alternative to our Outreach education sessions.

What to expect in a session


Each session will last for one hour and can be run on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. We also recommend that you book one session per class, i.e. two classes = two separate virtual sessions.

Our Centurio will begin the session by welcoming your class and introducing himself, all from the comfort of his very own, purpose-built, Centurions office. His introduction will cover where he originally came from, his reasons for joining the Roman army and what his role is.

Then with the use of authentic replicas, based on historical and archaeological evidence, they will see him interacting with everyday objects, as he reads his daily reports and writes a letter to home. All while engaging with your class to make the experience enjoyable and relatable. 

Your students will almost believe they are seeing a real Roman soldier on the screen! 

The rest of the session is then tailored to suit your classes individual needs and/or the curriculum. We will ask you at the time of booking to choose two of the below topics that you would like covered in the session.

  • Life in the Roman army 
  • The armour and equipment of the Roman soldier
  • Why the Romans came to Britain 
  • Boudica Revolt 
  • Bathing and sanitation 
  • Gladiators and the Games 

Alternatively, you can book three 1-hour sessions per class to cover all topics. These sessions can be spread across multiple weeks as you progress through the subject with your students. 

  • First session – Introduction to the Romans and two of the above topics
  • Second session – Two topics from the above list
  • Third session – Conclusion and final two topics from the above list

Every session will be concluded with Q&A time, giving your students the opportunity to ask the Roman soldier anything they would like to know.

If you would like to enquire about prices and to book a session, please e-mail: 

‘Our Y3/4 teacher says it is the best thing we have ever bought in since he's been at our school! The children absolutely loved it, in fact we think some of them are convinced that they've actually spoken to a Roman’

Rebecca, Headteacher
Scorton CE Primary School, Preston - Calder Vale St John's CE Primary School, Preston