Roman tours are now offering virtual sessions as a Covid secure alternative to our Outreach education sessions.

What to expect in a session


Each session will last for one hour and can be run on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Google Meet. We also recommend that you book one session per class, i.e. two classes = two separate virtual sessions.

Our Centurio will begin the session by welcoming your class and introducing himself, all from the comfort of his very own, purpose-built, Centurions office. His introduction will cover where he originally came from, his reasons for joining the Roman army and what his role is.

Then with the use of authentic replicas, based on historical and archaeological evidence, they will see him interacting with everyday objects, as he reads his daily reports and writes a letter to home. All while engaging with your class to make the experience enjoyable and relatable. 

Your students will almost believe they are seeing a real Roman soldier on the screen! 

The rest of the session is then tailored to suit your classes individual needs and/or the curriculum. We will ask you at the time of booking to choose two of the below topics that you would like covered in the session.

  • Life in the Roman army 
  • The armour and equipment of the Roman soldier
  • Why the Romans came to Britain 
  • Boudica Revolt 
  • Bathing and sanitation 
  • Gladiators and the Games 

Alternatively, you can book three 1-hour sessions per class to cover all topics. These sessions can be spread across multiple weeks as you progress through the subject with your students. 

  • First session – Introduction to the Romans and two of the above topics
  • Second session – Two topics from the above list
  • Third session – Conclusion and final two topics from the above list

Every session will be concluded with Q&A time, giving your students the opportunity to ask the Roman soldier anything they would like to know.

If you would like to enquire about prices and to book a session, please e-mail: 

Thank you for two great sessions today. The children really enjoyed it and got lots out of it.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your sessions with our school last week. The children are still talking about meeting a real Roman soldier and remembering bits and pieces of information that you gave them throughout the session. As always, it was extremely informative, enjoyable and immersive for the pupils. You have really helped us to kickstart our Roman unit and I really can’t imagine doing it without having you set us up the way you did. On behalf of all of our pupils and staff I just wanted to say thank you! We are already looking forward to it again next year.

We all really loved the session, children and teachers alike. It was well structured and paced with different stops about sleeping, food, fighting and then the Q&A at the end. The children were talking about it all day and produced some fantastic writing afterwards. For the virtual session, I really couldn’t think of any way that it could have been any better.

Yusuf Devereaux-Ward Dali Class Teacher Marriott Primary School Broughton Road, Leicestershire
The children absolutely loved it!  They’ve been chatting away about lots of the facts and stories you told us.  I think the dog was a highlight!  
I really liked how interactive it was and how you involved the children.  Big thanks to you for making it a fun afternoon.
Amelia Conway, Teacher - Oakbank Primary, Perth, Scotland

Thanks so much for the session, Prep 3 really enjoyed it… it’s safe to say they were very excitable for the rest of the afternoon!

Hannah Turner, Edenhurst Preparatory School, Westlands Avenue, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire
We’d had one child absent and when he came back the other children were telling him about your session while eating lunch, I was listening and they were saying ‘it was awesome’.
They said, ‘he stuck a knife in himself and it didn’t hurt because of his chainmail’.  They had nothing but good comments and are still talking about it this week. 
It is certainly something we would rebook again! I’ll try and attach some photos to this email if it will let me, feel free to use them for plugging your online sessions. 
Nikki, Burton Road Primary School, Barnsley

Thanks very much, the session was fantastic! The children responded really well. It was ran at a good pace, the children were able to take in everything and had opportunities to answer questions regularly. They enjoyed asking their own questions at the end and the solider was extremely knowledgeable so thank you again!

Laura Colins, Sunning Hill Primary School, Bolton

Yesterday’s presentation was fantastic! The kids were talking about it all through dismissal and thought you were hilarious.
The second one was just as great as the first. I’m grateful for you were able to do both.
I’ll ask them what they got out of your presentation, but I loved it. It was very visceral and lively and brought history to life. Roman history in particular has always felt very far away and proper, but you made it seem human and exciting.

Kaelle Allen, CMP~Carmichael Campus, Carmichael, USA

Thank you so much for our session this morning; we all enjoyed it immensely!

The enthusiasm, energy and historical content were pitched perfectly, and it was so lovely to see my class looking shocked, mesmerised and in fits of giggles… to the point that one of them nearly fell off their seat! After eight long weeks of home learning, the session today clearly shows how effective a TEAMS meeting like that can be; it was well organised, incredibly informative and so much fun!  I cannot recommend highly enough and hope to be in touch again in the future.

Kirsteen Dixon, Teacher Yr4 Sharow CE Primary School, Ripon

I liked how he explained everything really clearly, and that he quizzed us and actually interacted and not just talked. I enjoyed him showing us his artefacts like the weapons. The presentation was fun, informative and engaging. his acting and how he played it out very well and I understood more this way I liked it when the soldier was impersonating the Romans voice and screams and when he was explaining the ranks of soldiers.

The energy was immaculate, I was not bored. The person talking seemed excited and brought the drama. He was very entertaining and very encouraging

Jane Mason​, Head of Lower School and Head of Classics St James Senior girls school, London

Thank you so much for your session. The children really enjoyed it. The humour went down really well. It had just the right amount of information for the children. the humour went down well too.
I will be in touch to book another session.

Jayne Harrison Head teacher, Abermule CP School, Abermule, Montgomery, Powys

Thank you so much for today! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were incredibly engaged through the day. You really brought the whole time period to life and we all loved it too! You had such a great way with the kids and made sure the teaching was really child friendly. We had a brilliant day! Let me know if there is anywhere I can leave a review or anything. 

Thank you again for such an engaging session!

Hannah Krizsanyik Parkhill Junior Schoo, l Ilford