Chester Public Tours

During these times of COVID, We at roman tours have had to make some changes. We now have a limit of 15 people allowed on our tours and it is best to book in advance through our website, you can still book on the day and pay cash with our Roman soldier or with the tourist information centre by card.  
We ask all of our customers when coming on our public tour to please follow the latest government advice on social distancing when possible.

Fascinating walking tours of Roman Chester with an authentic Roman Soldier as your guide...

How would you like to be transported back nearly 2000 years, to visit the city of Chester when it was the largest Roman fortress in Britain; so large and well appointed to have the unique feature of Britain's biggest amphitheatre too? For people who like something fresh, interesting, factual and fun - a perspective on history that perhaps you haven't considered before, touring Chester with an authentic Roman Soldier guiding you on a light-hearted journey through Chester's Roman Heritage.

The tours run each day at 12:00 and 15:00 -  Starting at the Visitor Information Centre next to the town hall.

Let us show you the hidden pieces of our past beneath the heart of the city of Chester.

With tours lasting approximately 90 minutes, you will be taken on a journey through the remains of Roman Chester - Deva. Armed with the latest archaeological evidence, we provide you with a unique insight into life as it was in Roman Britain, showing you some astounding sights ranging from the amphitheatre itself to remains hidden away in the basements of the high street shops! 

We have been providing tours of Chester since 1997 and are passionate about creating a unique experience not to be missed!