Titus Didius Alaudianus Felix

Cohors X, Legio XX.v.v
I was born to a very well-off plebeian family in the small town of Viviscus, on the shores of Lacus Lemanus in Helvetia. My mother is a Massalian Greek and my father is Romano-Helvetic: my great-great grandfather was a Helvetian who served in Legio V Alaudae under Divus Julius, hence our family name. My youth was fairly idyllic: my parents could afford a very good education for me and my two older brothers, so by the time I came of age I was fluent in Latin, Greek and Gallic, with a decent grounding in philosophy, history, literature and law.
I spent a few years in Massalia, on the southern coast of Gallia Cisalpina, before joining the army alongside a childhood friend, mainly out of boredom and also a desire to see the world I’d read so much about. We did our training in the province of Africa, enjoying ourselves and occasionally getting into trouble. My friend was able to use his familial influence to get him a nice comfy post with the Praetorian Guard, but I wasn’t so lucky. I got sent up the edge of the empire, Britannia, with the Twentieth Legion. In what little spare time I get, I like to study philosophy (I’m a follower of Epicurus) and read plays, especially comedies. I’m also a worshipper of Dionysos/Bacchus, as my family have been vintners since the Roman conquest of Helvetia.
I don’t like Britannia. It’s a wet, cold, miserable island, it’s filled with crazy barbaric natives (worse than the Germans, according to some of my comrades) and, worst of all, has no decent mountains! I don’t exactly love life in the army but it has its perks: the pay is decent and regular, the uniform is fancy and chances for promotion are excellent.  Ideally, I’d get a cosy job in the Principia at Deva, safe and warm, and retire early, or maybe my friend can wrangle me a place in the Guard! Either way, I’m only three years into my two decades of service so I’ll see what the future holds.