Tiberius Crassius Crassus Legio XX v.v.

My name is Tiberius Cassius Crassus and I have been serving in the twentieth legion valeria victrix since an unruly youth of sixteen. My father was descended from the Fourth Cohort of Gauls that followed Emperor Claudius to Britannia. A former Catuvellauni Celt, my mother romanised when my father became a citizen upon retirement, making me the first in our family to be born Roman.
Among the men, I tend to be known as Crassus on account of my once scaring off a wandering bear from camp with a drunken roar and an ugly countenance. Despite being made to apply for a position within the twentieth to teach me a bit of discipline by my father, I have never looked back since. I serve as a tesserarius, responsible for keeping the camp password as well as posting sentries upon the city walls to protect against the Deceangli Celts across the River Dee.
Gnaeus Julius Agricola currently serves as governor here at Castra Dewa. I hope that under emperor Domitian we in the twentieth will one day get the chance to return to the empire’s beating heart that is Rome.