Tiberius Claudius Feltis Thrax

II Cohort Thracum
Attached to the Legio XX.v.v

I come from a middle-class farming family of which I was the eldest out of my 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I am a Thracian, a true son of Mars, the God of war. Joining II Cohort Thracum was to bring my family honour and glory, also I enjoy the fight and being a son or Mars. I don’t care who I fight or if I live or die, so joining the auxiliaries was great for me.

I was 14 when I joined and I have served 7 years in the army. So far serving in Germany for a couple of years fighting against the Germans, before being posted to Britain. At the moment I am under the command of Centurio Occratius Maximus of Legio XX.v.v X Cohort acting as forward scout/skirmisher. It was Occratius who made me change my name from Brasus son of Pieporus from the tribe of Bessi to Tiberius, something my mother wasn’t happy about.

I am based in North Wales close to Deva, (Chester), in what is the most stinking, wet, miserable, cold part of this island. The only enjoyment is knowing that my work brings honour to my family and I know it pleases Mars. I look forward to retiring and living a peaceful life but always ready in case the Army ever needs my services again.