Chester Educational Tours

Visiting us at the Grosvenor Museum

If you are bringing a school group to Chester (Deva), then there is no better way than to visit us through our partners at the Grosvenor Museum. A visit to the museum’s Roman exhibits and artefacts combined with a Roman soldier patrol is an ideal way to start the topic or reinforce any teaching that has been done already.

We also include worksheets to answer from information drawn from the exhibits themselves and a handling session with one of our education officers.

Groups arriving are met at the museum by a Roman soldier in full and authentic armour and brought to attention in the style of a sergeant major, who welcomes them to 25 years of service in the legion. They are then each given a set of specially made lightweight plastic imitation armour to wear.

Our new recruits are then given an insight into the life of a Roman soldier and the rigours they must endure in the British climate. They swear an oath to the emperor before heading out on patrol to various Roman remains including Chester’s own amphitheatre.

A day at the Grosvenor Museum includes:

  • A Roman soldier patrol and legionary formation training in Chester wearing armour *
  • Time in the museum galleries
  • A free lunch room for schools
  • Museum Workroom and artefact handling session
  • A visit to the museum shop.
  • The day starts at 10.30am ends at 2.30pm

*Armour is provided as a courtesy to school groups and is the property of Roman Tours Ltd. Armour is occasionally not available due to repairs or late arrival of groups

Book Your Visit

For full details and bookings of this service please contact Virginia kettle, Museum Visits Coordinator on 01244 972120.

Make sure you leave your name and contact details if you get the answering machine. Virginia is brilliant at getting back to you. Alternately, Send Virginia and email