Roman Tours can bring life to the story of the Roman invasion of Britain and the legacy of an empire nearly 2000 years ago.

Dressed as the 1st Century Roman Soldier (other character roles available), we engage pupils through curriculum-relevant role play, character acting, questioning and activities, providing a unique and dynamic educational experience around the period of the Roman invasion and settlement of Britain. Our costumes and equipment, are exact copies of real artefacts and equipment found through archaeology investigation, to ensure our representation is as accurate as possible.  We can specially tailor sessions for all schools and also cater for disabilities and special needs.

To compensate for the lack of historical remains, we bring along various replica artifacts such as a full marching pack, which includes the soldier's rations, underwear, fire lighting kit, money, spare clothes, strigil, cooking pots, tools, wine and water, spices etc etc. We also have a second set of armour for students to try, and even ladies' make-up and sponge for his… well, you’ll find out!
Using a dynamic combination of character acting, demonstrations, Q&A and role play we make the experience exciting and interactive to educate and interest any age group. We provide a curriculum-relevant experience for any level from key stage 2 all the way to AS and teacher training colleges. We are able to tailor sessions to suit your presentation of the topic. 

Our visits are always interactive

Dressing pupil in armour.

Marching and formation practice including the tortoise (testudo), We provide the shields you provide the missiles.

Full marching pack (impedimenta), which includes the soldier's rations, underwear, fire lighting kit, money, spare clothes, strigil, cooking pots, tools.

Various artefacts including domestic pottery, jewellery, oil lamps, magnifiers, glassware and grinding stones.

Medical Tools.

Topics covered:

  • Life of the soldier
  • Impact on British culture
  • Romano British society
  • Medicine
  • Military training and drill
  • Towns, roads, trade and sanitation
  • Citizenship
  • Life in the arena

Peace of Mind For You:

  • All our Team hold Enhanced CRBs
  • Everything is risk assessed
  • We carry £5,000,000 Public Liability
  • We follow all DfES guidelines for working in schools
  • All presentations are keyed to the National Curriculum
  • Everything we carry and wear is copied from an actual archaeological find
  • We use character acting, questioning and role play to develop an understanding of the period
  • We have worked with schools and museums for 16 years

The Spiraling cost and associated issues for teachers planning education trips have for some schools made it impossible to visit us in Chester. In response to this, we provide a schools outreach programme across the UK, covering around 27,000 miles each year.

Roman Tours have spent the last twenty years at the forefront of exciting educational initiatives - breathing life into the past and making it accessible to school-age children through an interactive, multi-sensory approach to learning. The vast majority of information that Roman Tours passes on comes directly from the work of archaeologists, who are constantly updating and enriching our ideas and conceptions of the past. Roman Tours have worked in close conjunction with archaeological professionals over the past twenty years in their home city of Chester and beyond. 

Outreach sessions are ideal for schools as they are easily tailored to match the teacher’s requirements. They are a fun and unique educational experience for both the pupils and the staff. We provide both full and half day presentations, with one or two Roman soldiers or characters.

Book a Visit to your School

To book a visit to your school, please complete use our contact form or call us on Tel: 01978 761264 or Mobile: 07885 403485

Lines are open between 08:30 and 19:30