Caius Valerius Ferrous Lupus

Legio XX.v.v

I was taken away from my Germanic Tribe at the age of 6 by the Roman army, then sold as a slave to a man called Titus Quintius Ferrous. Titus, his wife and their eldest son were kind to me and Titus treated me as his second son in some ways. He showed me the great things that the Roman Empire has done and taught me to speak Latin. Titus also saw me as the younger brother he never had and I saw him as my older brother. After serving 10 faithful years Titus set me free and adopted me as his second son, making me a Roman citizen but he still kept his nickname for me Lupus (wolf).

Unfortunately, being his second son means I would get nothing so I had to find a job. Luckily for me, Titus or as I now should say, my father, was friends with the local Roman army Commander of the XX.v.v. Being an ex-soldier himself, he was able to give me permission to join the legions if I passed my training.

I completed my training and served some time in Germany and took part in the invasion of Britain. I did my first 20 years in the army then did an extra 5 years. I made the rank of Optio and decided to serve another 20 years, which I have already done 15. I pray to Minerva to give me wisdom and keep me safe from all harm in the years to come.